Google Bot - Insane Google Ranker

We all want our site to appear in top positions in the search results of Google!!
There are many strategies to achieve this, and today we present one that is brand new way torank high in Google!
This method is based on studies by some companies of measurement (p.e. Searchmetrics); According on this studies, CTR (click-through rate) is the number # 1 reason that Google uses to decide to put a site on top of your results.

The click-through rate of a Google result is defined as the number of clicks on a search result divided by the number of times the search result is shown.


Google Bot - Insane Google Ranker uses the most advanced technology to perform a search based on a specific keyword to rank your site in Google by increasing its CTR. this can run hidden in an internal browser and find among the results the url of your website, then give it a click, each time from a different IP from different countries (those that you choose). Once the internal browser has visited your site, this can even browse internally on your site and stay there for a time interval that you determine, to give you a favorable bounce rate.

Insane Google Ranker makes your site look popular for Google, thus Google decided to give it a better position in the future between their results.

Insane Google Ranker is the coolest way to position your website in Google results!

Insane Google Ranker leaves no trace or cookies and also uses proxies, or you can use the Hide My Ass (HMA) software. Google will believe that every click to your site will have come from a different user, with a different browsing agent (a different browser, device, even a phone, tablet, etc.) and a different IP address, as the software uses IPs elite to prevent Google detecting that you are using proxies. In short, the software is very advanced, avoids detection and makes it appear that each click comes from a different country and user.

Insane Google Ranker allows you to use your own proxies, and the program also can automatically search for proxies on the web.

There is no risk that Google will penalize you for using Insane Google Ranker, which is a program that you can use in your Money Site; it is a completely safe way to improve your site's ranking in Google results.

Insane Google Ranker shows very detailed statistics of clicks on Google about the links to your website.

Think about it: If Google takes the hard work of counting and sorting through millions of backlinks from around the web, it will not count how many clicks are received for each result in your research? This fact by itself speaks very clearly how relevant the result is, and why it is very important to Google.

Google definitely counts the number of clicks that each site receives in every search and, according to specialized companies like Searchmetrics, this is the most important factor in achieving a position a site in Google results.

Insane Google Ranker allows you to control efficiently, for example, the countries from where you get these clicks, the time intervals and many other details to help manage your campaign successfully.

Insane Google Ranker definitely helps to raise the position of your site in Google search results. It is not magical or going to work by running the program just a few hours, and will probably take several hours every day for several days to show results, but in the end the results will be noticeable.

Perhaps in the past some other software attempted unsuccessfully to use this method, which only means that the software was not designed efficiently. Insane Google Ranker however is designed to deliver results, especially if you have already got your site to appear in the top 100 results for Google. In that case you will see results a little faster.

The ideal is to run the program overnight on your computer, or run it on a VPS; if you purchase multiple licenses and runs on multiple VPS, you get better return results. Each license allows you to run only one instance.

As this is a launch, we are offering a particularly low price, so that you get the benefits of using Google Ranker Insane.

Google Bot - Insane Google Ranker can:

Makes a search on Google for a keyword to find the link of your site in Google search results, and clicks on the link from different IPs, showing as if they were from different web browsers and even different devices.

You can use HMA; alternatively, you can use your own proxies or Insane Google Ranker can even harvest proxies on the web.

Allows the software to randomly browse your website for the number of seconds you specify, and also to define exactly which internal links to visit.

Shows very itemized statistics, which give information on each click that the software gave in Google results, showing at which time and from which country (proxy) the click came. It also shows in which position the link to your site was found on Google results every time.

You can choose from which countries you want to be given the clicks in Google, as the software ignores proxies from countries other than those you chose.

Here are all of the best features:
You can use indistinctly your own proxies, proxies that the software harvest or HMA. Not Leaves traces of cookies (persistent or not) or any other trace that Google can detect. Insane Google Ranker uses its own advanced internal browser, on which the software has full control. It can even change automatically the user agent that Google detects. (FireFox, Opera, Chrome, etc).

Insane Google Ranker can simulate, in the eyes of Google, being a computer, a tablet, a smart phone and many other devices. You Get, at any time, detailed statistics on every search, every click on Google, per day, per keyword, etc. You Can choose from which countries you want the program to simulate clicks on Google. Thus, Insane Google Ranker ignore any proxy other than the ones from that country. This can be very useful in some circumstances.

Check Out Some Of Our
Customers Feedback

"I joined the beta testing of Insane Google Ranker and was amazed at the ease of use, which allowed me to choose from which countries I get clicks. In my case I chose Italy, Greece and France using HMA, and after two weeks I saw an improvement in several of my keywords; nearly 70% came to the top 10 and the rest are in the top 20 and climbing."
"The idea of Insane Google Ranker seemed great from the advert, and as I wanted to try it I joined the BETA testing. I must say that I think that I thought I already had an ideal position to achieve my sites in Google. I was in positions 30 to 40 and these improved a lot. Now I have several keywords in the top 5 on (Google Germany) which is what I care about, because I live in Germany."
"I do not use English well, but I will give one honest review. This software is fantastic, I was looking for something like this for a long time. I decided to use the HMA with proxies in North America and Europe and after 15 days I saw gradually improving results up to very important positions. I used my money and my sales increased. Now i am in the top 10 for 6 of my 10 keywords and the other 4 are in the top 20 and growing."
"I tested one site with IGR (Insane Google Ranker). I have stopped building links to this site before the beta is released. I used 18 related keywords in this beta test. I used the free version of Pro Rank Tracker to monitor the rankings. Here are the results.
  • 9 keywords which previously were not in top 100 now make it to top 100. 1 of them in top 10. 1 in top 20. 4 in top 50. (Probably the cumulative effect of 5 keywords that move up)
  • 5 keywords improved in positions.
  • 3 keywords dropped in positions.
  • 2 keywords with no change in positions ( 1of them has not reached top 100 before using IGR).
During the final week, I only used 4 keywords that had ranked top 10. Only 1 keyword moved up one spot. The rest remained the same.
It is still important to get your keywords ranked first before using IGR. IGR is not the magic bullet for ranking. It does help in some ways as long as your keywords are ranked at least top 50."

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