Instructions for running Insane Google Ranker


To make this software works fine, you will need:

- A clean VPS (We can recommend you good VPS that are cheap and that runs W7, we are not affiliated or receive any comission).
By CLEAN, we mean that does not have installed 1k cracks and running at the same time hundreds of bad coded bots.

- Backconnect proxies (We are not affiliated or receive any commision)

- Your pages needs to be indexed by Google, no matter if its on page 3 or page 12, but need to be indexed.

- Send any help request using our HELPDESK system at (With good manners and understanding that we answer within 24 hrs during monday to friday)

- If needed we will connect via Remote Desktop (best option) or Team Viewer.

- Use Google Webmaster Tools to check the results. It could take from 5 to 30 or more days to start seeing the results, it depends on how competitive is your keyword/niche. We will not duscuss or answer if Analytics or any other system show any kind of results. The ONLY way to get OFFICIAL data about CTR is Google Webmaster Tools.

1.- We recommend you to use backconnect proxies from Storm Proxies or from Reverseproxies.

Use the coupon "STORM30" to get a 30% discount using Stormproxies.  We preffer to offer you a good
discount than get an affiliate comission.

We are NOT affiliate to this proxies, we just detect that its amazing !!

This backconnects works great, we test it and we get 9500 clicks in 14 hours !!

Yes, 9500 clicks in 14 hours running
one project with 10 threads.
We used STORM Proxies for that.
<<The 150 threads package, you will
need that package to get this same

Another good thing: Each time you will get a different IP. It does
not rotate IP each 10 minutes, it changes IP every time IGR use it.

To get this results you NEED the 150 package, if you can't afford it, then

Once you get in the StormProxies panel, copy the Main 2 proxies in the middle.
Its says: "Your Main Proxies". There are 2 IPs there, copy them and use it in IGR.

Thats ones are the ones that changes IP everytime we call it.

You do not need to give 10k or 20k clicks per day to one website, maybe its too much.

So you can run maybe 8 or 10 projects, (each one with one or 2 threads) to get 1k clicks
per website.

OR you can increase the delay to get less clicks.
DO NOT give 10k or more clicks to one domain per day, maybe 3k is the limit.

Its a very good thing that you could have TOO MANY clicks. Just be carefull and dont give all this clicks to one domain.

Change the delay between searches to 30 seconds, its important if you are using a package with more than 50 threads.
Run 30% of your maximum threads:

If the package is for 10 threads, run 3.
if the package is for 80, run 30.
If the package is for 150 run 50.

Another good option is to run reverseproxies backconnect - Now the offer 50% OFF
And you will get excelent results.
------------>>>>>>>>>Maybe this one is the easiest ways <<<<<---------------------------

If you are short in budget pick REVERSEPROXIES BACKCONNECTS.

If you dont want to use Storm proxies, then use to use backconnect proxies from or from blazing proxies.
Reverseproxies works very well and you will get hundresds of daily clicks, and now you can get 50% off (only $12.50 each 5 backconnect proxies)

(We don't have any relationship with any of that companies, we are not resellers or nothing, we just found that their bakconnect works fine.)

Set it to run each search with a 30 seconds delay. If you can afford 10 backconnects will be better, but 5 is not bad.
Make sure to authorize your VPS IP in the reverseproxies panel.

You can also run our free public proxies database, that is over 100k proxies and its free for you.
You may have a lower succes rate (because we are talking about public proxies), so if you get 5% of success, it will be a good amount of clicks however.

Look how we count every failure and every succes of each IP.

2.- Run it in a VPS that does not run more software at the same time and that does not have much software installed.

3.- Install IE 11, don't block cookies on IE and leave the security and Privacy settings on medium level. Delete the cache of IE every 2 or 3 days.

4.- You need to make sure that EACH keyword get at least 500~700 daily clicks. Less than that will not have much effect on Google.

If you run a project with 3 keywords, the project needs to get between 1500 and 2100 daily clicks per example, so each keyword gets between 500 to 700 daily clicks.

5.- The more important rule are very simple:

More clicks to ONE keyword = Better CTR = Better ranking in less days.
Just remember that if you use STORM backconnect, does not give 10k clicks to one domain per day, its too much.

Many customers runs 3 or 4 VPS to get more clicks and better results.

Keep this in mind befoire running a lot of projects with a lot of keywords.
Running multiple projects with many keywords each one, can dilute you clicks and dilute your results.

6.- Google is NOT  a person. Its does not look unnatural things like the time zone of even the geographic location.
We tested projects from big cities like London or Los Angeles California with clicks from all over the world and Google rewards us with a great CTR.

Also Google does not find unnatural a sudden raise of the number of clicks.
Again the rule = More click = better results. Its not THAT important the geo location.

7.- Run IGR with MOBILE user agents. Google loves them, atm it gives much better results.

8.- If you have any question or you need help, create a ticket in our HelpDesk and we will answer or even do a Team Viewer or Remote Desktop session.
We answer from Monday to Friday within 24 to 36 hours.

9.- If you run public proxies, you must run at least 15 threads and wait a few minutes. After, lets say, 10 minutes you will get some clicks.

10.- If suddenly you see a strange page showing as result or you stop getting ANY clicks at all, open IE and delete all the cache.

11.- Use Google Webmaster Tools to verify if your CTR grows, you can expect to see the first results usually after 5 to 10 days of running 24/7 the software.

The BWH thread is a pre sales thread only, we cant answer more than once each 24 hrs, so dont post questions there please.

New Video Tutorials!!
If you use public proxies or you don't use Storm backconnect :